Position: Labor Superintendent

September 15th, 2017 by as_admin

Bring your enthusiasm and unique perspective to Anderson Systems where you’ll have the opportunity to grow with us professionally, personally, and financially. Join a team that cares about helping you thrive and succeed. We are genuinely vested in your success and our open-door policy affirms that. You’ll work alongside talented colleagues, many of whom build long careers here while migrating through various roles, establishing lifelong friendships and making a difference in our company and the contracting community. In exchange for your contributions, you’ll enjoy ownership is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, great compensation and benefits, and a 401K retirement plan.


Direct day-to-day activities including supervising, scheduling, coordinating manpower, materials, equipment, etc.


  • Minimum 10 years piping industry
  • Current UA member
  • Plumbing and HVAC experience a must
  • Process and Semiconductor piping experience a plus
  • OSHA 30 Certified
  • Computer skills: Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word. Microsoft Office 365 Suite a plus
  • Must be familiar with BIM and CAD coordination
  • Scheduling and resource loading experience needed
  • Will be responsible for safety, quality, and productivity of several projects
  • Will be responsible for managing construction equipment and tools


  1. Plan and supervise all projects and employees which includes determining methods of construction, manpower levels, materials and quantities, equipment needs, temporary power sources, work schedule, and documenting/verifying actual hours worked.
  2.  Maintain communication with Engineering, Detailing and Estimating to ensure work complies with drawings, specifications, schedule and the estimate.
  3.  Ensures productivity tracking methods (i.e., linear feet per day, quantity per hour) on each project are set up and monitored or corrected as needed.
  4. Assist in identifying and resolving pre-construction problems including design, detailing, schedule, and all aspects of pre-construction planning.
  5. Oversee the fab shop foreman to ensure the proper number of men and crew rate are being utilized. Confirm that the most efficient methods of fabrications are being used. Confirm shipments to job sites are complete and on schedule from the fab shop. Continually seek new and more efficient fabrication methods.
  6. Assist the Director of Labor Operations in maintaining communications with the local unions. Transfer employees in and out of local jurisdictions as needed.
  7. Ensure that all supervision are meeting with their Project Managers and project team on a weekly basis. These meetings must be documented on our standard Murray Company staff meeting forms.
  8. Ensure all supervision are meeting with their detailing team at minimum on a weekly basis. The fabrication/coordination schedule will be reviewed at these meetings. The supervisor will review the status of the detailing to meet the construction schedule. Review the quality and completeness of the drawings. Ensure drawings meet code and project specifications.
  9. Evaluate project supervision on a quarterly basis using the Murray Company performance metrics system. These reviews will be key to making sure our supervision understand the standards they are being held to and evaluated on and also understand where they need to improve.
  10. Ensure all supervision are properly trained. This includes safety, quality and construction methods. Continual education of our supervision is essential.
  11. Assist Director of Labor Operations in conducting monthly supervisor meetings.
  12. Assure clients are satisfied with the safety, quality, schedule and the personnel overseeing the project.
  13. Build and maintain a labor organizational chart per calendar year.

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